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after-sale service
after-sale service
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1.Product Quality Commitment
A.The manufacturing and testing process of the product all have quality records and testing data.
B.As to test the performance of the product, we welcome your visit wholeheartedly to inspect the entire process and performance of the product; we would package and deliver the product after confirmation.
2.Product Quality Commitment
A.To ensure high reliability and progressiveness, the select materials of the system are all products from domestic or international high-quality brand-name.
B.Under the same competition conditions, our company will genuinely offer you the most favorable price without reducing the technical performance of products and changing the components of products.
3.Delivery Promise
A.Date of Delivery: Try our best to meet requirements of user, if there are special requirements, to be completed ahead of schedule, our company can organize production, installation to meet user needs at our best.
4.After-Sales Service Commitment
A.Service Philosophy: Fast, Decisive, Accurate, Thoughtful, Thorough.
B.Service Target: Gain customer satisfaction with qualify service.
C.Service Principle: If there were quality abnormity or customer complaint, our company will, based on the principle of the customer supremacy, timely communicate and properly handle the situation.

We will free you from worries with our productivity and efficiency.




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