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A great opportunity for e-business entities in the new retail era
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At present, the "new retail" model has become the doors and Windows and the trend of the development of industry, the so-called new retail, refers to the future of e-commerce platform will disappear, online and logistics together, produce a kind of business mode, namely "+ online and off-line logistics", it requires that is accurate, the scene of experiential service, need electric business platform and entity retail mutual cooperation between enterprises, through the big data learn the user's demand in a timely manner. In the Internet era, doors and Windows enterprises to break through the development bottleneck, how to seize this opportunity

There is also a deeper reason for the delay in the e-commerce of most doors and Windows enterprises. That is the contradiction between the e-commerce enterprises and the dealers in the traditional channels. Industry insiders believe that there is a big difference between physical stores and e-commerce, and traditional channels and e-commerce are incompatible in reality. E-commerce directly impacts the traditional channels and directly damages the interests of dealers and agents.

The O2O model has become a developing trend.

This is also the new retail era mentioned by ma, and the full integration of online and offline will become an important trend in the development of the door and window industry.

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