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Love the mountains. Care for children
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June 4, sihui deng village squama elementary school holiday scene, city women's federation, guangdong golden aluminum co., a sihui women entrepreneurs association of came to the squama elementary school, attended the school held a "love is a mountain, care for children" public welfare activities.


Li Jing that morning, guangdong golden aluminum co., LTD., vice general manager of led more than 30 employees to sihui deng village squama elementary school, the paid for eight and they are excellent family poor students, and to all the students to buy a schoolbag, pencil, pencil case, kettle, such as learning supplies, also the school all wooden doors and Windows to replace for the aluminum alloy doors and Windows. In the activity, li jing deputy general manager told the children: you are the future of the motherland, must study hard, also must understand filial piety parents, respect teacher! Use your own hands to create a beautiful tomorrow, out of the mountains.

At the end of the activity, vice President li jing led the company employees to take a wonderful work class for the children of longscale elementary school.

In the afternoon, li jing, deputy general manager, walked for over an hour on the scorching sun and walked for over an hour. She sent rice, edible oil and other living goods and comfort money to three poor students living in the mountains.

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