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6.1 flying dream of the first summer camp
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June is the ocean of songs, June is the fertile soil, June is the children's season, in the blessing sound we usher in the 67th "61" international children's day. To this end, guangdong gaodeng aluminium group has organized the activity of "Golden baby, happy growth" as the theme of the summer camp.













The children of Golden have entered the workshop in an orderly fashion under the guidance of their families. Introducing Golden's situation to the babies, leading the babies to visit the workshop, all of which made the babies curious.


After visiting the workshop, dozens of our high - end family members took the bus to yingxiang ecological park. On the bus, the babies were laughing and laughing, hoping to get to their destination soon!










When the time was gone and the babies had not played enough, we sat back in the company bus. Li returned to the company, high combined personally to our Golden babies into one elegant gift of "children", watching Golden babies with exquisite gift happy, our sweet pink-fleshed radish beauty, yao yao da!


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