Guangdong Golden Aluminum Group
Congratulations to guangdong golden aluminum co., LTD. Was the designer’s favorite brand innovation awards outstanding enterprise reputation.
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On March 10, 2017, the event to dream of China, the male and the future as the theme, the government led the industry leader, famous enterprises on behalf of the business elite and the mainstream media and other people from all walks of life more than 1100 people with gather together to witness the guangdong golden aluminum group won the 2016 annual industry awards ceremony has been Golden every designer's favorite brand innovation awards outstanding enterprise three big reputation, deserves it, this is home building materials industry and designer association for Golden aluminum highly recognized and encouraged Golden, as a representative of the ten famous brands in China aluminum leading to characteristic products harvest fashion and personality consumers countless praise at home and abroad, the product can makeup points out high-end fashion personality space on the way of the future comfortable warmth, Golden aluminum group will continue to tireless spirit, strives for perfection, to develop more innovative features, aluminum industry fashion trendsetter, makes every effort to bring customers more fashionable household experience and the best quality service.

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