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Caring for Children and the Future-the 7th Future Trip of Guangdong Golden Aluminum
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Caring for Children and the Future-the 7th Future Trip of Guangdong Golden Aluminum

【Traveling together with Hope and Celebrating the Children’s Day Joyfully】

Every child has a dream and has a wish. On May 31, 2017 on the approaching of the “Children’s Day”, “Golden Loving Volunteer Team” was formally launched under the leadership of Ms. Li Jing of Guangdong Golden Aluminum Group. This activity is themed with “Going to Mountainous Area, Traveling together with Hope and Caring for Children of Hope”; the 7th Future Trip of Golden Aluminum is intended to care for children, pay attention to education, send small gift to children on Children’s Day to help them to study and support children’s dream. “Volunteers” carried loving materials and even infinite care for children in the mountainous area and the infinite expectation for the flowers of our nation to go deep in the branches of Guangrong Primary School and carried out one-day visit.

In addition, organized by Ms. Li Jing, “volunteers” played games with children from town and country, did handwork and drew the picture of dream. “Golden Volunteers” not only show their love and festival wish to children, but also encourage them to have a passion for reading and learning to acquire more knowledge and grow up healthily. Wish them could spend the festival happily and joyfully; wish them, as the future successors of the society, could cherish time, study hard, exercise, cultivate skills and become an eligible talent having dream and moral integrity for the socialist construction course.

This activity makes children enrich their knowledge and enjoy the happiness of the festival, and also experience the warmth and care of Golden and the society. During the whole course, interaction games, colored drawing, gift donation and such links were warmly received and the scene was permeated with happy laughters and cheerful voices, as well as joyful atmosphere of the festival.

Golden Loving Volunteers Installing Air Conditioners for School

Golden Loving Volunteers Replacing Fans for Classroom

【Teaching the Way to Learn and Educating People with Love】

In the midway of activity, the “Volunteer Team” and the Headmaster went to visit 3 children’s low-income families under assistance together. Going to visit each family, they talked with the assistance objects face to face and exchanged heart to heart to specifically know their family environment, health condition, children schooling and living expenses. Ms. Li Jing, in addition to bringing the material assistance on behalf of Golden Aluminum, talked with the families under assistance in a wholehearted way, encouraged children to study hard, imparted them the life principles, and guided them to be grateful, and thus they became mutually trusted friends. It is a loving project, and education comes after love; Golden Aluminum practices it with action. Ms. Li Jing said that supporting the public welfare undertaking is not only enterprise’s responsibility, but also common responsibility of all walks of life. Golden Aluminum, as top ten brands of aluminum product in China and the industrial leader, should take the lead and set an example and at the same time hopes there will be more loving enterprises and people to make earnest efforts to promote public good and make contribution to the society, especially the material donation for study assistance and poverty alleviation, in order to give our care and love to poverty-stricken families and educate people with love.

【Aiding Education with Hot Heart and Keep Moving】

So long as Golden Aluminum is here, this activity will always be carried out. We have been always on the road of Heart-Road Journey Program!

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