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“The Belt and Road Initiative”-Golden Showing Charm of Chinese Manufacturing to the World
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“The Belt and Road Initiative”-Golden Showing Charm of Chinese Manufacturing to the World

Politicians from 16 Countries Paying a Visit to Golden on May 25, 2017

[Welcoming “the Belt and Road Initiative” and Actively Responding to National Call]

In the early summer of May, the whole world focused on Beijing where “the Belt and Road Initiative” Forum for International Cooperation was held, themed with “strengthening international cooperation and jointly building up the belt and one to achieve win-win development”. President Xi presented the proposal of “the Belt and Road Initiative” to plot the magnificent blueprint of global developing economy benefiting human beings which has been actively responded to by most of countries in the world, and the attention to “the Belt and Road Initiative” by all walks of life has reached its peak. Chinese enterprises and countries along the line of “the Belt and Road” worked with each other to carry out survey for the purpose of knowing conditions related to the cooperation and development demands for Chinese enterprises and countries along the line of “the Belt and Road”; according to the responsible persons of both parties, this survey was assumed by the business officials from 16 countries, such as Ethiopia and Panama, and previously they had reviewed data, carefully screened and got to know the real situation for a long time, and finally they had chosen to visit three enterprises. Golden Aluminum, as a leading innovative enterprise of aluminum profile in China, had the honor to be selected as one of visit and investigation objects by virtues of its influence in the industry.

[Integrating into “the Belt and Road” and Promoting International friendly exchange]

Since founding in 1985, Golden Aluminum has been focusing on cross-boundary resource integration and international exchange development and promoting the brand internationalization by virtues of its inherent international gene. Therefore, on the day of activity, the Company needed to make 60 foreign politicians feel at home and the whole visit activity relaxing and natural; in the interaction and question & answer sessions, international friends showed great interest in Golden and the aluminum products and constantly asked questions overwhelming our staff.

It is worth mentioning when international friends were visiting the aluminum ladder manufacturing factory of the Company, they showed extremely great interest in our products again-the wood-grain aluminum ladder initiated in the industry. Its elaborate appearance attracted them, and with the introduction by the business staff, international friends cannot help coming up to experience the aluminum ladder and repeated and fondled admiringly; there quite a few friends showed their cooperative intention on the spot.

As the national “Belt and Road Initiative” strategy and “Going out” Strategy are profoundly carried out, Golden Aluminum builds up its future with international horizon. “The Belt and Road” brings rare development opportunity to the enterprise and promotes the “going out” of products and materials.

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