Guangdong Golden Aluminum Group
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Top 10 competitiveness (profile)
Famous brand products of guangdong province in 2018
Gordon antique series - the most innovative Windows and curtain wall system nomination award
Gordon super sense wood grain - the most innovative supporting products nomination award
Golden aluminum -- the most influential brand nomination
2018 the most innovative member enterprise
Runner-up of enterprise thesis contribution in 2018
Ten preferred brands of architectural profiles
Anodized profile products industry benchmark value enterprises
Top 20 in aluminum processing industry
China construction aluminum profile top 20 enterprises
China's green products
Top 500 real estate developers in China
Guangdong excellent supplier of aluminum doors and Windows
Home of the best workers
Award for promoting scientific and technological progress
Technical innovation award
Designers love brands best
Star of the year award
Excellent enterprise
Top 500 real estate developers in China in 2017 -- preferred supplier of aluminum profile
Guangdong federation of young entrepreneurs - mentor
Guangdong youth enterprise federation construction contribution award
Zhaoqing city users are satisfied with the products
Zhaoqing city user satisfaction service
Zhaoqing city user satisfaction enterprises
Top 500 manufacturing enterprises in guangdong province
Thesis team champion
Actively support enterprises
Top 10 competitiveness (aluminum profile)
Obtained the honorary title of "Pillar Supplier in China's Real Estate Industry ".
Obtained the honorary title of "Top Ten Supplier in Chinese Household Industry".
Obtained the honorary title of "Top 500 Asian Brand".
Obtained the honorary title of "2016 China Top 500 Real Estate Development Enterprises Preferred Supplier Brand"
Obtained the title of "2015 China top 500 Real Estate Development Enterprises Preferred Supplier Brand".
Obtained the honorary title "2015 China Top Ten Aluminum brand".
Obtained the "Top 500 Asian Brand".
Obtained the honorary title of "National Non-Ferrous Metals Industry Excellent Brand".
Obtained the title "Guangdong Economic Billboard Innovative Enterprise".
Obtained "China Top 100 Aluminum Enterprises" and "China Top 20 Industrial Aluminum Bar Section"
Obtained the honorary title of "Guangdong Employer Model Enterprise"
Obtained the honorary title of "Guangdong Top 500 Manufacturing Enterprise" and "Guangdong Real Estate Benchmarking Enterprise"
Obtained the title of "Sihui City Government Quality Award"
Obtained National High-Tech Enterprise
Obtained the title of "Brand Enterprise" in Nanhai District, Foshan City
Obtained certificate of "CQC China Energy-Saving Product Certification"
Passed the document of Provincial Cleaner Production Enterprise
Obtained the title of "Guangdong Famous Brand"
Obtained the title of "Guangdong Brand-Name Product"
Passed certification of ISO9001:2000 Qaulity System and ISO14001:2004 Environment System
Entitled with "Guangdong Private Technology Enterprises" by Science and Technology Department of Guangdong Province
Established Guangdong Golden Aluminum Door, Window and Curtain Wall Co., Ltd.
Established Guangdong Golden Ladder Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
Awarded "Excellent Engineering Construction Products" by National Construction Engineering Standards Association
Successfully registered the trademark "Gaolideng"
Established Guangdong Golden Aluminum Industry Co., Ltd.
Established Guangdong Yongxing Aluminum Co., Ltd.
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